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Thinking Smaller

GeneSegues is a biopharmaceutical company developing the next generation of targeted drugs for treatment of cancer. We combine innovative RNAi therapeutics with novel sub-50 nanometer capsule technology that increases the amount of RNAi drug delivered to both primary and metastatic tumors.

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Technology Platform

GeneSegues has created and patented sub-50 nanometer (s50) nanocapsule technology as a platform that can deliver any type of DNA or RNA-based therapeutic to treat cancer and other diseases caused by the overproduction of a protein. In cancer, s50 nanocapsules deliver RNAi therapeutics directly to the micro-clusters of tumor cells in the body that are responsible for the spread of the disease.

At 20 nanometers in diameter, s50 nanocapsules are three times smaller than conventional targeted nanoparticles, allowing them to reach and attack cancerous cells where other targeted technologies cannot. This smaller size was engineered without loss of functionality. Thus, in addition to the capability to reach micro-tumors, s50 nanocapsules have active tumor targeting and high payloads of drug in each nanocapsule. Together, these features enable s50 nanocapsules to overcome the biological barriers to improving treatment of advanced cancer.



Our lead product candidate is GS-10, a proprietary s50-encapsulated RNAi therapeutic for solid tumor cancers. We envision expanding our pipeline through partnerships with third parties developing new therapeutics, where the s50 nanocapsule can target their drug to different disease cells by simple substitution of cell-specific targeting molecules in the nanocapsule shell. One such s50 partnership is underway: we are working with the U.S. Government to develop a passive topical DNA vaccine against certain viral diseases.

GeneSegues Products

Lead Product Candidate: GS-10

GS-10 is an s50-encapsulated RNAi drug that selectively enters tumor cells and kills them by blocking production of the critical protein “Casein Kinase II,” which broadly controls tumor cell survival. In published studies of tumor-bearing mice, GS-10 has been shown to be effective in treating solid tumor cancers such as head and neck and prostate primary tumors, and their related metastases (tumor spread) in tissues including brain, liver, lung and bone. The efficacy of GS-10 has been demonstrated in studies with several labs outside of GeneSegues, including the National Institutes of Health.


Opportunities and Business Development

Cancer is now the leading cause of death for those under age 75. In 1980, cancer caused fewer premature deaths than heart disease. Today, cancer is responsible for 40% more premature mortalities than heart disease. Tumor metastasis (i.e. tumor spread) is responsible for 90% of cancer deaths. Surgery and radiation are useful treatments for large primary tumors, but not for the microscopic tumors that spread the disease throughout the body – the tumor metastasis that the s50 nanocapsule is able to reach and destroy.

As we move our therapies through phased development, our goal is to create value through the licensing of GS-10 drug and s50 delivery technologies to larger drug developers seeking early-stage novel cancer therapies and/or nanocapsules that can improve delivery of their cancer and non-cancer therapeutics. These licensing partnerships will potentially entail funding of ongoing R&D, and culminate in longer-term product licenses and other transactions beneficial to our stakeholders.



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